EagleView 2.2

An information-rich genome assembler viewer with data integration capability
2.2 (See all)
Weichun Huang

EagleView is an information-rich genome assembler viewer with data integration capability. EagleView can display a dozen different types of information including base qualities, machine specific trace signals, and genome feature annotations. It provides an easy way for inspecting visually the quality of a genome assembly and validating polymorphism candidate sites (e.g., SNPs) reported by polymorphism discovery tools. It can also facilitate data interpretation and hypothesis generation. EagleView is a multi-platform application developed with C and is available for all three major platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

EagleView reads multiple data files including the standard ACE genome assembly file and optional READS, EGL, and MAP files. These optional files contain additional information of a genome assembly and can be visualized on EagleView. EagleView was designed with user's needs in mind. All these files are in simple text formats, which make it easy for creating customized data files and visualizing user-defined features on EagleView. The detail format for each type file is described in EagleView documentation. When EagleView opens an ACE file, it will automatically detect and load the associated optional files in the same directory.

Key Features
- fast and memory efficient
- pin-point view of machine-specific signals pin-point view of base quality
- pin-point view of read id and strand distinct mark for discrepancy sites
- genome annotation integration
- navigation by read id and contig id
- navigation by genomic features or user defined locations
- navigation by both unpadded and padded positions
- data utility tools included
- zooming and printing capability
- customizable font and color for viewer

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